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Dora And Boots Escape 2 - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Help Dora and Boots to collect coins and can be finished quickly. have fun with this funny game!
Control: Arrow keys to move and jump.

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Knitting for Kitty - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Outside air is very cold. Do you want to keep your pet kitty animal from the cold? Let us learn how to knit! You can choose a funny hat, scarf and two clothes are cute. Then choose your favorite pattern to start knitting. When you're knitting, you can choose the other accessories to decorate this item. Welcome winter!

Control: Use your mouse to play.
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Spongebob Ninjapants - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

This is a typical puzzle game where you are required to get the pieces to the right place to be able to finish this game.
Choose one of the two modes of this game that you will play to start the game, jigsaw mode or game mode slide?
Choose one.

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Spongebob War - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Help SpongeBob to kill all his opponents in order to enter and defend the castle.

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Spongebob's Bathtime Burnout 2 - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Collect jellyfish as much as you can and to the end of each level to unlock the next level and new characters! Spongebob Bathtime Burnout is a game of SpongeBob.
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Control: Arrow keys to play. 

SpongeBob Speedy Pants - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Evil Plankton has now turned into a robot and now he's terrorizing Bikini Bottom.Your objective is to help Spongebob and everyone in Bikini Bottom to escape. To accomplish this task, you will need to have a very cool skill that you will be able to use both active and passive. Be strategic when you upgrade them, and when you choose which one to use in level. Collect burgers to assist you in your search and try to reach the final destination. Have a blast playing Speedy Pants SpongeBob! 
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Spongebob Gastric Surgery - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Currently Spongebob Plankton eat the hamburger from him apparently poisoned, his stomach is not good, let us help Spongebob

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Spongebob World Cup - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Spongebob and 32 countries in the world are located in the same place to compete for a trophy.

Spongebob Halloween Defense - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Spongebob homes now being attacked by zombies and monsters Halloween. Spongebob and Patrick could not leave the house to attend a halloween party that was being held at their friend's house. So please help Spongebob to fight monsters and zombies. Help them defeat the enemies sehinggal Spongebob and Patrick could come to follow the party.
Control: use the mouse to play 

Spongebob Mirror Adventure - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Go adventuring with Spongebob in a strange forest. Help him complete all the puzzles using magic mirror, overcoming all obstacles, and returned home safely.
Good luck

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SpongeBob out of the water Hidden Objects - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

There are two levels in this game. Find all the hidden objects SpongeBob before time runs out to get to tinggat higher.
Control: Use mouse to play this game. 

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SpongeBob at the dentist - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Play SpongeBob at the dentist for free in
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